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Whisky Magazine & Fine Spirits covers all aspects of the world of spirits: stories and history, producer countries and distilleries, brands, manufacturing techniques, key figures and industry culture. And it’s packed with tasting notes. Whisky Magazine & Fine Spirits also has lifestyle features, suggesting interesting breaks and weekends, and gourmet adventures.
Available in a mobile version (Android & IOS), Whisky Magazine also has an app called Great Addresses which can be used to locate the best addresses (wine merchants, grocers, restaurants, etc.) in your region.

The Collection catalogue

Every year since 1968, La Maison du Whisky has published its Collection Catalogue, an important reference work for the whisky and spirits industry, as is the professional version which is published twice yearly. Growing from its first 12 page edition published to the 192 page catalogue published today, each edition for the last five years has been illustrated by an artist specially chosen by La Maison du Whisky.

Collection director and Flammarion author

L’ABCdaire du Whisky, Le Whisky, Whisky l’Indispensable… all Best Sellers on the subject of whisky, which have been invading bookstores since the 1990s. La Maison du Whisky authored these reference works in collaboration with the Flammarion publishing house with, as always, the aim of further educating consumers. More recently, LMDW has become the Whisky & Spirits Collection Director for Flammarion, giving its expert approval to works such as Dave Broom’s Whisky: The Manual or Luca Gargano’s Atlas du Rhum.