Selection of exclusive casks

Every year La Maison du Whisky selects numerous whiskies from independent bottlers, alongside the official bottlings that are so highly-prized by collectors.


This is a passionate task that requires extremely high standards and patience! On-site, in our partners’ bonded warehouses in the heart of Scotland, experts from La Maison du Whisky taste dozens of single malts straight from the cask before selecting the most promising samples.


Choosing these casks is a multi-sensory experience and it doesn’t stop there. These samples are then tasted several more times before the experts settle on one single, unique cask. The whole process is guided by one overriding factor: quality.


This special selection of casks is complemented by official releases bottled especially for La Maison du Whisky by the distillery owners themselves. Suffice to say, these releases are highly sought-after by collectors.

Signature ranges

(Artist, The Ten)

ARTIST, The Unchillfiltered Collection, Very Cloudy, The Ten, Lands of Scotland… over the last two decades a wide range of bottlings has been created by the Maison du Whisky team.


In close collaboration with some of the most prestigious Scottish bottlers, La Maison du Whisky has always had access to the best in the trade to create its own ranges which are brought together under one label that represents a collection of expertise.

Illustrations of Albane Simon for ARTIST range by LMDW

Own brands

Artist / TTG / TCRL / Artist Collective

Whether designing a new product range or new packaging, or breathing new life into distilleries that have long been closed, creation is very much a part of La Maison du Whisky’s DNA. This need to create emerges naturally during personal encounters, journeys and tasting sessions. And one thing is clear… It’s a need that has to be satisfied.

Over the years, this creative drive has allowed La Maison du Whisky to get increasingly closer to the product and its design. This can be through cask selection with bottlers, the opportunity to buy cask lots from permanently closed distilleries, or, as is now the case, through the ability to produce personalized products in partnership with spirits producers.