Gender Equality Index 2023

Established by the French law of 5 September 2018 on the right to choose one’s career, the Professional Equality Index helps businesses to measure the pay gap between women and men and identify areas for improvement when these disparities are unfair.


La Maison du Whisky scored 96 out of 100 points on this index, calculated on the basis of the following 4 indicators.

  • The gender pay gap: 36/40 points.
  • The difference in the rate of individual pay rises between women and men: 35/35 points.
  • The proportion of female employees who received a pay rise in the year after returning from maternity leave: 15/15 points.
  • The number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid employees: 10/10 points.
  • Total: 96/100 points.