Our Values

A passionate family business

Since it was first established, La Maison du Whisky has never ceased to explore every aspect of the world of whisky. It is a passionate family business built on a foundation of high standards, curiosity and daring. It is with this same insatiability that La Maison du Whisky now explores the world of fine spirits and the accompanying trends associated with their consumption, such as the art of mixology.


avant-garde style

By creating La Maison du Whisky in 1956, at a time when whisky was almost non-existent in France, George Bénitah showed not only courage but also great intuition. A genuine pioneer, he was also one of the first to import Scottish malts to France. He passed on this same instinct to his son Thierry Bénitah, an expert in unearthing rare products, who contributed greatly to the recognition of Japanese whiskies. It is with this same open mind that La Maison du Whisky now explores the world of other fine spirits: rum, calvados, cognac, armagnac and mezcal, to name but a few. Its aim: to restore to their former glory those categories that are now passed over, have been forgotten, or who have, until now, remained largely unknown, by going directly to the source.

in search of excellence

It is with sometimes almost excessively high standards, and above all a thirst for discovery, that La Maison du Whisky continues its never-ending search for high-quality spirits. With excellence as its goal, La Maison du Whisky’s approach allies authenticity with ongoing reassessment. This desire for completeness and these very high standards provide the motivation to taste hundreds of samples from all over the world throughout the year and creates the perfect position to observe new trends in consumption.


An adventure that values the human factor

Over the years and the generations, La Maison du Whisky has gone from being a master of the art to anticipating new trends and offering constantly updated sensory experiences. But it doesn’t end there. None of this would have been possible without interacting with real people and creating connections on the numerous journeys made alongside the great craftsmen in the world of spirits. These are the men and women whose skills La Maison du Whisky is eager to showcase, drawing attention not only to their expertise but also to their talent and commitment. The fascinating story of different regions and cultures, the products in the Maison du Whisky collection are also a collection of stories to be shared and enjoyed.